Tuesday, January 13, 2009

yours truly


a blindfolded shadow

I searched all over the four walls

while shining truth plays hide & seek


fatal belief


a vicious circle

armed with two hands of a clock

fate moves quietly


Saturday, January 3, 2009

.. cold comfort ..

When the world we live in
... is slowly frozen ...
..... by the winter of our discontent

Do we pray and wait
... for some dispensation ...
... ... or miracles , heaven-sent ?

Or find some internal button to push
... that would generate ...
... ... real fervour and heat ?

Before the heart
... goes into a permanent ...
... ... irreversible hibernation retreat ?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

PIG OUT ... ( Chinese New Year mirth)

Kiss the pig goodbye , to the rat : say hi ....
( Sharing some Chinese New Year mirth )

It's almost midnight, and all is well

Please listen carefully to what I have to tell

For this is the end-of-year story you shouldn't miss

It's time to give the year-of-the-pig a goodbye kiss !

All in all, it has been twelve months of ups and downs

As much fun as a ride on a merry-go-round

But don't forget, coming up is the year of the rat

We must decide for ourselves ..which way to skin the cat

Some want the theme of this year to be YOUNG and GREEN

Which is great if you're two, or twenty, or somewhere in between

Life is a long hot summer, firing the thirst of youth ...

A dream that goes on forever, constructing some mysterious truth

It can also drift like a boat along the current of a wild cool spring

Soaking up all the thrill and excitement that each day can bring

There can be drops and falls, there can be hurt and pain

But look carefully and you'll also find fun, pleasure, laughter and gain

The secret is you must always try to paddle your own canoe

And choose the right size of heels to fit on your shoes

Learn to walk as well as to run, and you'll never hobble

Eat a balanced diet, and the tummy won't wobble

Laughing too much is a sure way to go dizzy

Crying too long, and you won't remember how to be happy

The simple truth is: you are NOT who you think you are

There's a hidden driver in the front seat of your car !

Even if I want to let the cat out of the bag

You will only think I'm waving a silly red flag

Life is a drama to watch and see, but not to believe

Our eyes are two windows - with blinds - designed to deceive

So be sure to wipe them clean, at least once a year

Then whatever that may come, pigs or rats, you'll have no fear

Just drink plenty of orange juice, and celebrate

Stay sober,
.... sing louder,
......... dance faster, and let your whole body vibrate ....


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Not even a ripple


Is it really for nothing as we toil for our dreams ?

Is there no reason for my existence, as it all may seem ?

Except to know one day that "I am" - a mere illusion ?

The shadow of a fleeting wave atop an ocean ?